Monday, January 21, 2013

The Early Years (Pre-OCD)

My first year in the city I was bushy tailed and bright eyed and didn't have half of the stigmas that I have since acquired.  Boy did that change quickly!  I've tripped on homeless people, seen sewer rats on the streets that would make a jungle animal cower in fear and been touched by people on the subway who look like they haven’t showered in days, if ever.  But for those living in NYC, we call this a typical Tuesday.

I literally come to work every day screaming, “You are never going to believe what happened on the subway today!” and I feel like everyone always responds with “This stuff only happens to you!”  Seriously, of all people, why me!  Please note, I sometimes have to wash my hands just thinking about something gross that I've seen!  This crazy notion then prompted me to Google OCD one day, and turns out 'compulsive washing of the hands' is a key trait …. damnit!  Hi my name is Kelly, and there's a good chance NYC gave me OCD.

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